District History

Prospecting and mining within the Chandalar gold district date back to the early 1900’s. Early exploration delineated rich placer gold deposits that created a small rush to the district. This was followed later by multiple discoveries of auriferous quartz-sulfide prospects, including four gold veins which are considered to be the source of the alluvial deposits.

Historical records indicate past production of approximately 85,000 ounces gold. Of this, less than 10,000 is attributed to hard rock mining. Historical data also confirms that most lode prospects remain scarcely explored and greatly underdeveloped.


Discovery of placer gold in Wiseman area, 60 miles west of Chandalar Lake starting a small gold rush to the Chandalar district, Alaska.


Frank Yasuda, Nevelo Yasuda, Charles McNett, James Minano, and Thomas Carter stake Discovery Claim on Little Squaw Creek, Chandalar district, Alaska.


Gold placers discovered on Big Creek and St. Mary's Creek, Chandalar district. Approximately 100 miners are working in Chandalar area.


Four gold veins are discovered, reportedly the sources of the placer gold. A small stamp mill is shipped into the area to test ore from the Little Squaw Lode and other lode claims.


William Sulzer, former governor of New York, acquired the majority of the most promising prospects in the area. He financed exploration and development through his company, Chandalar Mines Company and later, as the major shareholder of Chandalar Gold Mines, Inc. when the two Chandalar companies merged in 1926.


Most of the shallow placers are playing out so miners shift their interest to the placer drift mines (underground operations). The most notable of these is the Little Squaw Bench, including the Mellow Bench. Approximately 29,000 ounces of gold were recovered averaging 1.0 oz/cubic yard of gold in the gravels with spikes of up to 4.6 oz/cubic yard. Some individual nuggets were over 10 ounces.


Drift mining continues in the Chandalar district.


William Sulzer acquired federal mineral patents for the principal discovery claims and a series of reports were produced to prepare the properties for production. However, no mining and few exploration activities occurred.


Chandalar district mining diminishes as the remaining pay zones are either deep or lower grade, or in many cases, no longer frozen (necessary for drift mining).


Eskil Anderson acquired the interests in the Chandalar district from Sulzer's estate.


Hugh Matheson, Jr. of Chandalar Mining Company began mining on Big Creek.


Little Squaw Mining Company (LSMC) (Predecessor company to Goldrich) was incorporated in Alaska.


Ellis Anderson (no relation to Eskil Anderson) first mines the Tobin Creek gold-bearing bench. He employs hand mining methods. Frank Birch acquired the Tobin Creek placer mine and expanded it while also commencing development on the Mikado Lode.


LSMC issued a lease to Chandalar Gold Mining and Milling Co. Led by Frank Birch, Chandalar Gold Mining and Milling was consolidating mining claims in the district.


LSMC changed its name to Little Squaw Gold Mining Company (LSGMC) (Predecessor company to Goldrich).


LSGMC listed for trading on the Spokane Stock Exchange. Frank Birch constructed a 100 ton-per-day mill for the Mikado Lode, to be mined under lease from LSGMC.


Frank Birch killed in an airplane crash at Tobin Creek. His company's assets were acquired by LSGMC.


LSGMC merged with Chandalar Gold Mines.


Spokane Stock Exchange closed and LSGMC transferred to trade on the NASDAQ-OTCBB trading under the symbol LITS. A succession of companies leased the Chandalar properties from LSGMC including Canalaska Placer Inc., Whelan Mining & Exploration, Jan Drew Holdings, Ltd., Canadian Barranca, Gold Dust Mines, Marmac Alaska Mines, Ltd., Noranda Mining Corporation, Callahan Mining Company, Mikado Gold Mines, Inc., and Chandalar Development Corporation (CDC).


CDC recovered 8,169 ounces of gold from the Mikado and Summit mines.


LSGMC won back their leases from CDC in litigation.


LSGMC hired professional mining engineer Edward Odin Strandberg, Jr. to prepare a comprehensive report on the Chandalar district, finished in 1990.


LSGMC offered leases to various parties but no significant development ever occurred because of low gold prices.


New LSGMC management was installed, a new board of directors was named and the elimination of 1/3 of a million dollars in debt brought new life to the company. The new management are seasoned professionals with a broad range of modern technical and financial skills and capabilities.


First-ever successful public financing completed and a new era of exploration at Chandalar begins.


LSGMC completes a 7,763-foot reverse circulation drill program with good results. Intercepts include 5 feet at 16.15 g/t (0.472 oz/ton) at Summit and 5 feet at 25.40 g/t (0.742 oz/ton) at Eneveloe.


The State of Alaska establishes a public highway right-of-way from the Dalton Highway to Chandalar, and an expanded exploration drilling program begins. LSGMC completes 111-hole reverse circulation drill program and discovers a placer mineral deposit of 10.5 million bank cubic yards (bcy) at 0.0246 oz/bcy (approximately 250,000 ounces of gold – This mineralized material is not a mineral reserve as defined in SEC Industry Guide 7).


LSGMC changes its name to Goldrich Mining Company (GRMC).


Goldrich completes successful mining test at Chandalar placer gold. Produces approximately 600 ounces of gold.


Goldrich produces approximately 1,500 ounces of gold from small placer operation.


Goldrich completes diamond drilling program- 25-holes, 14,444 feet (4,400 meters)- on six high-priority target areas. Goldrich increases Chandalar land holdings to 22,858 acres.


Goldrich signs joint-venture agreement with NyacAu LLC to develop the various placer deposits that occur throughout the Chandalar district.


Goldrich/NyacAu Placer LLC begins staged investment of US$23 million to develop commercial-scale placer mining operations at Little Squaw mine.


Goldrich/NyacAu Placer LLC completes phase one mine development at Little Squaw mine.


Goldrich/NyacAu Placer LLC commences mining operations at Little Squaw mine. Preparation for phase two development begins.

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